There is and has always been a great deal of discussion, intense, identity-charged argument actually, around the issue of charging money for—whatever you want to call this. I wouldn’t call what we’re doing with the inquiries offering “enlightenment” services, or dharma, or truth. or freedom. Again, whatever you want to call it, if you’re involved in the nondual community, you’ll know what the arguments are.

  • No one should have to pay for freedom, the truth, etc.
  • Teachers, Facilitators, Healers, etc. need to pay the bills, too.
  • Give freely what is freely available to all.
  • If the service is valued, then payment is given accordingly.
  • Get a job, Son. The truth will take care of itself.
  • Do you as a facilitator value your own time?

There are differing opinions on how this plays out amongst teachers, facilitators, and healers themselves. After careful and heartfelt consideration there is no place for me to hang my hat on this one. Can’t say “money is only energy,” or “the truth is not for sale,” or even “the universe will provide,” with any certainty, because I don’t have a handle on truth in this, or any other matter, and opinions are of dubious substance if not ultimately divisive and tend towards the realm of separation.

I could say, “I don’t have or make very much money,” but how much I have or make is not anybody else’s problem. And how much I, or you, have to spend is relative and subject to change. And when it comes to money, there’s no telling how much is enough. Sometimes the rent gets paid, sometimes that can’t be achieved—such is the case for both providers and clients.

I could say, “An hour of my time has value,” but the relativity of that statement is immediately apparent, is it not? There is no fixed, no gold standard for services of this kind, and value is in most cases could or should be more accurately determined by the recipient rather than those who offer the service.

So the policy here, lightly held, is that donations are welcomed to the extent that you, the “consumer,” value not only the service provided, but in direct proportion to the value you place on your own time, a statement or commitment to your own investment in the experience. “No one will be turned away due to inability to pay,” is the standard set by Scott and the Living Realization crew, and is, and always has been, upheld here. It’s your call. Let the argument be settled in your own heart; and may your own pocketbook and heart, be full–irrespective of what is decided there.

Feel free to weigh in on the conversation. Comments are always welcome.


5 thoughts on “On Accepting Donations for the Inquiry

  1. I don’t mind giving a donation for this “service” because I value the process and what I achieve through the process. It supports those that guide me through the process. Even in practice sessions, we trade time with one another rather than one person just taking the time of the other. I tithe at church, which is highly encouraged by my church at a rate of 10%, so I could ask why I should “pay” for spirituality, akin to paying for freedom. I would pay a guide to assist me if I were going mountain climbing. The mountain is free for all to climb but I would want a guide to assist me since I haven’t done it before and don’t know how to do it. At times I have questioned the fee-for-service but as I look back at those thoughts, they came from a place of deficiency. And for those who literally don’t have the suggested donation amount, in most instances there is a sliding scale to assist or in some cases there are cost-free sessions.

    1. It’s hard to argue for self worth here. 🙂 But there is some merit to objecting to charging…just don’t see how the objection can stick without some reflection back to that same said self. :))

  2. I see no problem at all. It is what it is. I sometimes feel frustrated by not being able to afford what iI want, be it commodities, consumables or attending courses. Water and food is given to freely by nature, yet we have to pay for it Money is the illusory means by which we exchange goods and services. Enlightenment teachings etc are a form of commodity Until that changes, so be it. Who is in control anyway?

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