The Unfindable Inquiry (UI) is useful to see through the subject/object assumption. Are there really any separate and independent objects, people, or emotions? Is the perception of distance, for instance, learned? Is there something or anything here or there?

The Boomerang is used to look at how conflict, or simple interactions with others, reflects a deficient self back to you. The world is a mirror, albeit sometimes unflattering. Experience with this inquiry shows clearly that regardless of the behavior of others, seeing that reflection and the reaction it engenders, and the subsequent dissolution of that conditioned deficient self, results in more harmonious relations and a solid foundation of inner equilibrium. The problem is never “out there.” It’s always an inside job. Only always.

The Panorama is a clearing of all those in your life who reflect a certain image back to you. Whereas the Boomerang works with relations with specific relationships and circumstances, the Panorama has the impact of wiping out victimhood and other deficiency stories as a conditioned response pattern, resulting in the diminishment if not disappearance of familiar, related, triggering events.

The Compulsion Inquiry is used to address addictions, and any or all compulsive behaviors. Use this to kick the habit and diminish compulsivity in all aspects of life. Find the peace that is your natural state, independent of any substance or activity. It’s already here.

A donation of $75 is suggested. Please let me know of any special financial considerations, because I am open to a sliding scale fee, should you be unable to afford the suggested amount. Please contact me at, read the disclaimer found in the sidebar, and when a mutual time is agreed upon, click the donate button to make the donation.

Please see Scott Kiloby’s Living Realization site for more information on the inquiries , and while there, be sure to peruse the helpful and illuminating ebooks written by Scott on this and other topics related to non-duality and realization. He also offers online classes which are popular, effective, and they tend to fill up quickly. Sign up and join a supportive group of like-minded seekers and sages. For information on Scott’s national meeting schedule, please visit Scott Kiloby Talks.

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