Can’t be certain of much of anything, if the Unfindable Inquiry actually has an ipso facto relation to the physiology of the “selfing network” mentioned in the video. But it can be observed and experienced that on the occasion of not finding the self one has believed in so fiercely, for so long, there is very often a brief moment of being stunned, literally a deer-in-headlights expression comes up, followed by a slow smile, and then a bout of irrepressible laughter. It’s what I’ve come to call the “no-self chuckle.” Sometimes people can’t stop laughing. It is the laughter of seeing the absurd.

The Inquiry disarms the ever-vigilant sentinel at the gate, that sense of me, mine. The laughter is frequently followed by statements of disbelief and relief. “I can’t believe how much I had invested in that turkey!” The relief comes when it is seen how much, and for how long, this incredible amount of energy has been used in an effort to maintain this mistaken identity.

It has to be experienced to be understood. It’s quicker and perhaps more efficient than a weekend satsang, or reading a non-duality book. As mentioned in the video, the only obstacle to the perception of oneness, which is beyond all me vs. you distinctions, is this dogged presumption of self. When the self gets out of the way, the view of the world is immediately clearer and brighter. It’s as if you knew it all along, because it is ultimately familiar. It feels like home, where there are “no more lions in the bushes.”

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