When Tragedy Provokes


When Tragedy Provokes


What the Buddha said…

Wait, what did he say?

Oh yes, it’s all grief, all the time.


There is only one loss,

Only that single pernicious conflict,

But Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays.


We are fellow mourners

Who know not how to comfort

Blinded as we are by our own grief.


Yet when we cease to carry heavy things,

And let go the burden of living discretely,

We shall have arms to hold.


And what Jesus said…

Blessed are they who mourn,

for they shall be comforted.


One loss, one solace, one love,

Blows and embraces along the way

Be it the funeral or the wedding procession.


Attend the wake yet vow to awaken,

The sage invites us, and rouses the heart;

May I never love less than when tragedy provokes.