When you see the mirage is just that, a mirage–not the source of water that will quench your thirst–you can no longer be in the herd running mindlessly towards it. The mirage, in this case, means the external world as the source of happiness, peace (or discontent, for that matter).

The most important thing becomes the most important thing. And, of course, it’s not a thing, any more than wonder is a thing. It’s a way of being.

So if you find yourself running towards the mirage, or being angry or frustrated upon discovering just more desert, again, and again. Just stop and notice the Source, or water, or nourishment, or contentment–the sustenance that is already here. You’ve never left, you’ve never been separate from it. It is. I am. Here it is.

It is the backdrop of all that is, has been, and will be. And then there’s no has been or will be. It’s simply here, and felt. This being, knowing, is all that is, even as we are running towards the mirage. It’s the sand that sends us back to look again, the looking itself.

Behold the wonder; be the wonder. Disappear into it, like the water in the mirage.

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